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Krystal Square Off!!!!

Baja Mexifan here. The Back Yard Burger went to the Mid-South Fair this past weekend. Most people go for the rides - we go for the Krystal Square Off, where Krystal-lovers see who can shove the most Krystals down their throat in two minutes. Now THAT's what I call FAST FOOD!

The BY Blogger and I have found a booth at the fair that seems to be attracting lots of attention.

Yep - it's the Krystal Square Off!

The contestants are wearing t-shirts, and Krystal Kitty shows the competitors their prize.

Free t-shirts AND free Krystals? The BY Blogger does not let such an opportunity to get away. It's time to sign up!

The BY Blogger poses with Krystal Kitty.

BY Blogger checks out the leader board. So far, the highest number of Krystal's eaten is 10. BY Blogger is unimpressed!

Here's a shot of the trophy. This would look so good on our mantel.

Did I mention free t-shirts for entering the competition?

The BY Blogger takes her position amongst the competition, and silently awaits the food.

On your mark! Get set....


BY Blogger is DIPPING THE KRYSTALS IN WATER to make them go down as fast as possible. (Too bad they didn't have ketchup.)

The competition is working hard to keep up. I don't think they realize they are dealing with a professional fast food blogger.

Don't get any on ya!

The crowd is loving it!

At the end of two minutes, the eaters must not pick up another Krystal. Krystal Kitty walks through and has the crowd count the number of Krystals each competitor has eaten.

Watch the judge count the number of Krystals the BY Blogger has eaten! (Note that when Krystal Kitty asks the BY Blogger what she thinks of the competition, she says, "Let's go again!" That dear readers, is a true champion.)

So, I won't give away how many the Back Yard Blogger ate that day, but I will let you know that she didn't win the competition. Truly a remarkable experience, and what a great way to get some free food at the fair!

- Baja Mexifan
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