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Big Move for Back Yard Blogger [02 Sep 2009|09:46pm]
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Fast Food Fingers [14 Nov 2007|02:27pm]
Wendy doesn't have the monopoly anymore on fingers.

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Krystal Triage [09 Nov 2007|10:37pm]
I had the Saucy Chik Trio combo and it was gross. The Carribean Chik had potential, but all in all, the chicken and sauces were not hot, the cheese was not melted and the buns were not toasted.

To cheapen themselves even more, Krystal is running it's own Chik calendar-girl site. http://www.krystalchiks.com/
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There's a new Mac in town [04 Nov 2007|08:32pm]
I'm talking about the Mac & Cheese Bites I had at Sonic! They look like a Wendy's chicken nugget, except on the inside there is creamy orange-colored cheese and miniature macaroni noodles. They're as cute as they are comforting. Could this be the future of fast food? Imagine chicken cordon bleu bites, lasagna bites, taco bites...???

Okay, but there really is a new mac in town. I'm talking about the Mc Rib. Oh yeah! It's back, which means Christmas is just around the corner. All I need now is a green goblet from Arby's to make my season right.
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"My pleasure" [14 Aug 2007|09:49pm]
You real fast foodies know what I am talking about!
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The Hottest Freeze [09 Aug 2007|10:26pm]
Taco Bell is relieving hell with the hottest freeze in this freaking 100 degree town. I'm talking about the smack-your-lips-and-take-another-sip Frutista Freeze. Who knew some much flavor and coolness could be handed to you with a spoon straw through a drive-thru window while at the same time rhyming with "Mista." I had the mango. It made me feel like a fool for attending parties & showers just for the sherbet punch. From now on, it's down the street and to the border for cold, fruity, carbonated, tiny ice-ridden juice with real strawberries on top. We can spike this stuff, too.

Baja Mexifan really liked that it took syrup that would normally go on a sundae, and dumped it atop a slushee. It's got bite like Baja Blast does, and I do believe Baja Blast could easily be a flavor of the Frutista Freeze, since it tastes like carbonated punch anyway.

I originally thought it was the "Fruitista Freeze," but then I realized it was the "Frutista Freeze." Apparently, others are making the same mistake. If you google the Frutista Freeze, guess who has the one and only entry that pops up?

The Frutista Freeze from Taco Bell
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The Please Try Again Trifecta [04 Aug 2007|10:57am]
Three of my favorite things have come together:
1. Fast food (if you call Subway fast food)
2. Scrabble
3. Winning things at fast food places.

A new meatless meal added to my lunchtime outings and scoutings is the Veggie on wheat with pepper jack cheese at the Subway just up the street. And guess why I am always ordering a 32-ounce drink with this sandwich! Because that qualifies me to play Subway Scrabble!


So far I have won a cookie.
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Tastings [15 Jul 2007|08:49pm]
The Frosty Float at Wendy's did not float my boat and Taco Bell Hot sauce deactivates in non-Taco Bell food.

I saw TB Borderbowls at the grocery store - but the recipes were changed a little. This is actually by the packaged taco shells and and enchilada kits - not in the frozen food section. Kind of strange. Instead of cheese, they either had a salsa sauce or vegetable saute thing. Rice, chicken, beans it did have, though. I was too grossed out to even try it. I guess the chicken is freeze-dried, or something.

Krystal now has the festival-favorite, chicken-on-a-stick, called "Chick'n Stick'ns." Sounds good to me. I guess hanging around all the fairs to hold Krystal eating contests sent them back to the kitchen with an idea.

Baskin Robbins, soon to open a DRIVE THRU right down the street from my work, at Poplar & Highland, is sporting the name "Jamoca" for it's coffee-flavored chocolate shakes - a name that Arby's has donned for years on it's Original Frappuccino.

Yangs is taking debit cards these days. Yes! I can go thru the drive thru now. For so long, it was go in and use the generic ATM machine which charged extra. Their roast beef is delectable.

I am eating alot of non-meat fast foods right now. The veggie burger at Back Yard Burger is tops on my list. Try it with cole slaw - awesome! Next would have to be the burrito Supreme with no beef. The crunchy tacos are also good with beans instead of beef. They are more filling. The other day I had a grilled cheese from Sonic, and asked them to add tomato & lettuce. It made for a nice toaster sandwich.

As for a previous request for someone to write about BYB's onions rings, I am that person. I had them a while back, and I do remember that I liked them. I want to eat them, instead of fries, but I am usually on my lunch break when I visit BYB. I just don't want to return with onion breath. This reminds me of the time a lady came in my office one day. I immediately smelled onion rings. To me, this was actually a good smell. It wasn't her breath but I just smelled them. It made me think of Back Yard Burger's onion rings. Then, as she was waiting on me to do something, she reached into her book bag - a BYB bag was poking out of it - grabbed an onion ring, and ate it. I was not repulsed by this, but rather, envious. As she left, the smell trailed behind, and I used some Lysol to rid myself of the craving.
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Me in a 'Mercial [22 Jun 2007|11:05pm]
I absolutely love the new McDonald's commercial where the girl walks out of McD's and takes her first sip of coffee and the whole scene becomes a delightful joy-fest, complete with smiles, twirling, birds and high- springing fountains. I swear, it is my alter-a.m.-ego. I am soooo not a morning person, but that commercial makes me crave it. Last week, a dear coworker of mine left me a McDonald's coffee cup with a cute pink napkin peaking out and fresh orange and yellow flowers overflowing. It couldn't have been more perfect and that was very sweet of her. Of course, I felt like I'd walked into that commercial as I walked into my office!
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The food I'm eatin' [01 Jun 2007|10:48pm]
Right now I am digging on McDonald's Southwest Chicken Salad. I never thought I would see a better version than Sonic's, and this one is SO much healthier. I've started eating Back Yard Burger veggie burgers, again. Not sure why I had ever stopped. They have always been a craving of mine. Oh, and oh my goodness...the Italian sub at Arby's that I recently had was wonderful. If you'd brought me one on a plate and asked me to eat it, I would do so, and I would guess that it came from an Italian deli.

So, what am I not eating? The crap that Taco Bell has been promoting these past couple of months...what, a tub of dip loaded into a folded up tortilla? That's gross. I'd rather dip chips into my dip, thank you. And of late, the cheesy beefy melt? If you eat that you are cheesy. And you will be beefy. It's a mix between the 1/2 lb beef combo burrito and the meximelt. I truly love the meximelt, but I only occasionally eat them. I made some of my own recently at home with ground turkey, on the grill, and they kicked TB's butt. That's right, the backyard blogger is making mexi food better than the bell right now. I just really think they need to go for healthier food style for a change. Mexican food has so much potential to lead in the fresh campaign. They would not even need a Jared to do it.
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I'm typing this entry from my wii. [26 May 2007|04:00am]
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B.Y. Blogger's Resolution [21 Jan 2007|02:21pm]
I guess I should announce my 2007 resolution before January is over. Yes, it will be fast-food related. No, it is not to give up, or curb my fast-food patronization. I could never do that.

I resolve that this year I will take every survey and/or fill out every sweepstakes entry that comes on my fast food receipts. Why? Because I could be passing up good fortune, or a free small fry every time I throw one of these things in the trash.

One time Burger King had a phone survey on the back of each receipt, which entitled each participant to a free chicken whopper. What resulted was a vivacious cycle of free chicken whoppers for lunch, one day after another. I kept going back, and they kept asking me my opinion! It got out of hand, and I had to stop the madness, by handing over the golden receipt to a co-worker. I don't know how it turned out.

So, why, you may ask would I want to subject myself to the potential for something like this to happen again? It's a fun thing to do. It is something to do. And it is something to talk about.

Sitting on my desk I have 2 surveys to dial up; one for a free backyard burger, and one for perhaps $1000. Oh, the fullness of possibility!
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Six in '06 [01 Jan 2007|04:18pm]
Here is my rundown of the BEST fast food french fries in 2006:

  1. Is, and always will be, I'll bet ya, none other than Checkers'(formerly Rally's) french fries

  2. Arby's Curlies

  3. Backyard Burger seasoned fries (can you believe the gas station byb's only have CRINKLE cut??)

  4. Steak-N-Shake fries, the best fries to order with chili and cheese on top (Sorry, Krystal)

  5. Chik-Fila waffles - soooo good in mayonnaise and/or barbecue sauce

  6. Yangs - Yangs makes dang good greasy frenchies.

2006 was a GREAT year for Backyard Blogger. I surpassed being named the 17th best blog on BBQ (still trying to figure that one out!), to being mentioned in the Memphis Flyer's 2006 Dining Guide (MUCH easier to digest). Kudos to everyone, especially Baja Mexifan for your support and humor.
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All this stuff [09 Dec 2006|11:51am]
There's nothing like A Deluxe Breakfast from McDonald's, with a cup of gravy on the side, plus one hash brown, to nauseate me into the inspiration for typing up this entry. I just had a Photic sneezing fit, from all the sugar, and now I am nearly frozen in this computer chair. The only item I ate to completion was the hash brown, I could have done without the eggs, and why can't I ever get gravy in the same meal as hotcakes? Nonetheless, it was all very good (minus the scary eggs)and I grazed about, as if it were a buffet in front of me, and not a whole meal on my Styrofoam rectangle plate. Besides the question about hotcakes and gravy, I am left with another: Why do you have to pay extra for orange juice with your McDonald's breakfast??

The McRibOne thing that I am excited about as far as Mc-D's goes is the return of the McRib this Holiday season. It just couldn't be Christmas without it. Not that I eat them a whole bunch, but I do have fond memories of these things. I know it is just processed rib patties, and I know that I am no longer a fan of the quarter-pounder-style onions, but something about the sauce mesmerizes me. Fast food needs more barbecue sauce. Nearly every time an establishment has come up with a creation involving bbq taste (BK's Cowboy Burger, TB's Cowboy Taco) I go head-over-heels, and then they take it off the menu, or make it seasonal. Welcome back, McRib!

Since 2006 is coming to a close, I'd like to announce my favorite 2006 meal. Again, McDonald's is stealing the show. Here is a glimpse at what I wrote the first time I ate an Asian Salad from McDonald's:

"I'm satisfied with my lunch decision of the day. I feel proud that it wasn't fatty. I'm full. I'm still on a high from all the excitement...I just had the new Asian Chicken Salad from McDonald's. This thing puts the aesthetics of my summertime flowerbeds to shame. Seriously, I had an Asian-inspired wedding reception, and I am kicking myself for not using these for the centerpieces.
Taste is kicking and screaming of organic goodness and, Newman owns greatness with his participation in such a harmonious ensemble of sweet, spicy, and greens. The chicken is exulted amongst this pleasing mixture. It could stand alone, perhaps less colorful, but just as savory."

Praised by Hungry Girl for it's good nutrition, and loved by fast foodies like me, who do not want to sacrifice taste, the Asian Salad will still be pleasing on into 2007.

Now, for a not-so-healthy food being served at a fast drive in near you...Cheesecake bites from Sonic, with Strawberry dipping sauce. Oh yes, I was in love the whole time I ate that one cheesecake bite. I ordered a pack of 3, but knew better to indulge all the way. Besides, I had to leave some for Baja to try. Much bigger than I thought they'd be, these things resemble a Chedd'r Pepper with crunch on the outside and gooey (and if it is hot enough, squishy) center. So sugary and melty, with remnants of the "crust" to stick around a bit after the bite is over to remind you of the fun you just had. You can't believe how much decadence they pack in, and the Strawberry dipping sauce will have you believing in something higher. At the perfect snackfest party, I'd put these and Chedd'r Peppers all in the same bowl and watch the delight abound!
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Drive-thru waits [15 Nov 2006|07:53pm]
If you're in the drive-thru at McDonald's, and they ask you to pull up and wait, demand a free french fries coupon for every minute you wait, or ask for your money back and move on.

Change your demands to suit your taste and fast food destination of choice.

- Baja Mexifan
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Lunch Buddies [31 Oct 2006|11:57pm]
This Hallows Eve is an Eve indeed. I am spending my last dwindling hours as an unemployed fast foodie, and nervous-stomached about the new career I'll begin in exactly 10 hours. So, what could it be, that would create such jitter? Every job I've had has revealed for me my own lunchtime haven, a place in which I could truly enjoy my hour of reflection and taste. Overton Park, and recently, Tom Lee Park, to name a couple.

During these unstructured weeks of sleeping in, dusting through The Price is Right, and shopping, I could not really call one place my own for mid-day nourishment. In fact, I don't know if lunchtime existed on a regular basis. Sometimes, I just ate at 3. Perhaps the only constant in my "routine" could be that I went to the Tops BBQ drive thru a couple of times. And you know, that has been the most enjoyable indulgence I have had as far as lunch goes. I rarely eat hamburgers or bbq. I actually don't even care for Tops' bbq. Their sauce tastes like vinegar. However, I did allow myself to crave the greasy cheesy, better-than-Dyers',-who-is-just-down-the-street, burger that they serve up for me when I go. I always ask for everything, then take off the onions. I dip my fries in the bbq baked beans. I get their fountain Coca Cola, even though I've got lots of soda at home. True, I can't have this stuff all the time, or else I'll end up with a lunch-y body, but isn't that why we love it? So, the BYB Lunch Buddy Award for this period of my life goes to Tops BBQ.

What's next??? A friend of mine tells me that the place I am going to work for has a cafe called the "Comet Diner." I like that it is a diner, and not a cafeteria. It conjures up images of hash browns and patty melts, and not trays,pre-portioned cups of carrots, or tea. I am anxious to know if I will like it, or if I will just decide to go home everyday for lunch. Taco Bell during bad soaps might be better.
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Grande Quesadilla Review [24 Oct 2006|09:47pm]
The new promotional item at Taco Bell is the Grande Quesadilla. Instead of the normal tortilla, it's some kind of cushy pita bread. It tastes the same as a normal quesadilla, but because of the consistency, reminds me of eating thick-crust pizza.

I'll stick with the normal quesadilla from now on.

- Baja Mexifan
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Krystal Square Off!!!! [07 Oct 2006|04:13am]
Baja Mexifan here. The Back Yard Burger went to the Mid-South Fair this past weekend. Most people go for the rides - we go for the Krystal Square Off, where Krystal-lovers see who can shove the most Krystals down their throat in two minutes. Now THAT's what I call FAST FOOD!

The BY Blogger and I have found a booth at the fair that seems to be attracting lots of attention.

Yep - it's the Krystal Square Off!

The contestants are wearing t-shirts, and Krystal Kitty shows the competitors their prize.

Free t-shirts AND free Krystals? The BY Blogger does not let such an opportunity to get away. It's time to sign up!

The BY Blogger poses with Krystal Kitty.

BY Blogger checks out the leader board. So far, the highest number of Krystal's eaten is 10. BY Blogger is unimpressed!

Here's a shot of the trophy. This would look so good on our mantel.

Did I mention free t-shirts for entering the competition?

The BY Blogger takes her position amongst the competition, and silently awaits the food.

On your mark! Get set....


BY Blogger is DIPPING THE KRYSTALS IN WATER to make them go down as fast as possible. (Too bad they didn't have ketchup.)

The competition is working hard to keep up. I don't think they realize they are dealing with a professional fast food blogger.

Don't get any on ya!

The crowd is loving it!

At the end of two minutes, the eaters must not pick up another Krystal. Krystal Kitty walks through and has the crowd count the number of Krystals each competitor has eaten.

Watch the judge count the number of Krystals the BY Blogger has eaten! (Note that when Krystal Kitty asks the BY Blogger what she thinks of the competition, she says, "Let's go again!" That dear readers, is a true champion.)

So, I won't give away how many the Back Yard Blogger ate that day, but I will let you know that she didn't win the competition. Truly a remarkable experience, and what a great way to get some free food at the fair!

- Baja Mexifan
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This is big. [25 Sep 2006|09:39pm]
I don't know if I can sleep tonight. My sister blog, Hungry Girl, announced that McDonald's might be serving "something" all-day-long.


Also, be sure to check out the lowest calorie fast food at the bottom!
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Backyard Blogger in St. Louis [22 Aug 2006|10:31pm]

Word on the "Show Me" streets was that there was a 2006 Slyderfest going on at the 'Castle. What's a backyard blogger in town to do? You guessed it.

Slyder? I don't even know her. No, seriously, this is the first time I've had one of these in years. So, yes, I am unaccustomed. Don't give me that "It's the same as a Krystal" crap. As soon as I bit into one, the lack of mustard, or any condiment whatsoever, sent my tastebuds into a what tha! blur. Good thing I had some Arby sauce handy. That's right. Fast food fusion at its best.

It's a box of cake doughnuts! It's a box of moldy bagels! It's a box of freakin Hidden Valley Ranch dusted chicken rings.

You don't know how hard it was fighting off the urge to keep this last one as a momento. Just the right temperature, the right range of tanginess, no DIPPING required, and the satisfaction of knowing I'm digging chicken product that, although bigger than a nugget, is NOT a chicken TENDER. Who says you have to settle? I'd drive 400 miles to prove it.

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